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Bitter Prophecy

This is an introduction to a Fantasy series set in a world dominated by a religious group that calls themselves The Brotherhood. They rule with an iron fist, imprisoning – or worse! – anyone who opposes their rule.

Gef was an excellent shadow thief until he was arrested by The Brotherhood and put through their dungeon. They saw that having a shadow thief at their disposal could be very helpful and, with a little persuasion that left Gef a bit worse for wear and some threats against his closest friends whom he considered his only family, brought him into their employ.

Some years later, when they called him into their office with a new job, he learned he was to find and kidnap the Child of Prophecy. Though he had reservations, they offered to pay him well. An amount that he hoped would allow him and his friends the ability to escape this hell-hole and be free again.

Meanwhile, miles away across the sea in a town called Silar, Merrith lived with her protectors. She knew she had powers that others didn’t like. And she also knew those powers endangered Lady Barrow and her niece Farra, who were attempting to keep her safe. Other than the two of them, her only friend was a little grey mouse named Tiki. She saw, in her dreams, that the shadow thief came for her. The only question left was whether she could persuade him to help her instead of taking her to her death.

This tale of betrayal and adventure can be found at

S.Tilghman Hawthorne’s Musings

Welcome to my Newletter!

Have you seen my latest book on Amazon? I’m so excited to have a new one to share with you!

It’s all about love and loss and finding your way through life. 
When Forever Ends is told through Brinn and follows him and Maggie as they try to figure out where their lives are taking them.

Think back to when you were in college or out of High School, and ready to fly.
Remember that perfect couple? There was always one.
Everything seemed so effortless for them. They knew what they wanted and succeeded in everything they tried.

But, was everything really so easy? What you see from the outside looking in is often quite different from the inside looking out! 

So, what happened next? Often, we never know. Our lives splash out and away. We lose track of people.
This story follows that perfect couple. What they did. How they lived. And how they handled it when things suddenly went in the wrong direction.

And there’s just a tiny touch of Magical Realism near the end that will fill your heart. You might even need a hanky! 

This story has only been out a short time but has already garnered three lovely 5 Star Reviews: 

“Susan Tilghman Hawthorne’s story reads like beautiful poetry as she shares deep emotions of the kind of happiness in life that we all pray for suddenly taken away by tragic circumstances. Reading Brinn’s story seemed so real, as if I was going through his experience myself. Ms. Hawthorne’s story offers hope that everyone of us will need at some time in our lives. I am glad that I experienced this well written story.”

“This was a heart wrenching and poignant story about Brinn and Maggie; how they met through marriage and life events. Even though it’s short, the writing is superb, and puts you right next to Brinn as he reflects on memories throughout their life together. It is very touching and ends in a very special way. I look forward to reading more stories by this author.”

“Ah, what a warm, comforting story. We can all relate to Brinn’s run of emotions & can also be ready to accept an unexpected ray of light. I read this on Christmas Eve & it added to the love & glow of Christmas-time.”

You can find this novelette on Amazon at

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What Do You Love in a Book?

I love to read a tale that grabs me. Pulls me in. Sometimes kicking and screaming: no no I have other things to do… wait… one more chapter.
Does that describe you? 🙂
I’ve written you a story with a child in danger. The future of the world hangs in the balance. There is Adventure, Betrayal, Ambiguity.
A Prophecy is on the brink of being fulfilled: a child has been born who is predicted to bring the world into harmony and who will bring a time of peace and plenty. Does the Prophecy reveal Destiny? Or Treachery?
The godly men of the Brotherhood have been given a Vision. Their vision says the Prophecy was mis-construed. This child will not bring peace but will take all men into slavery and claim ownership of all wealth and order.
Gef and his companions have been hired by the Brotherhood to find this child and bring her to them for cleansing. While Gef questions how the Prophecy could be wrong, the fortune offered him is too great to turn down. Who is he to determine what the right thing is?
What is his Destiny? What is this Child’s fate? Is there a Secret not yet known?


“How could such a child be evil?”



“Shall we find the butterflies today”

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My Published Story in Chicken Soup for the Soul!

My story, Finding Grace, has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul:Touched by an Angel.
I hope you’ll read it. If you do, please leave a review! That would really mean so much! 🙂 Thanks!
CSS Touched by an Angel front cover

Kindle version is here

Ellysian Press

Ellysian Press. <– click to read more!
At Ellysian Press we seek to create a sense of home for our authors, a place where they can find fulfillment as artists.  Just as exceptional mortals once sought a place in the Elysian Fields, now exceptional authors can find a place here at Ellysian Press.

Blog Editor’s Discussion: Self-Publication | Snopes by Nick Smith

ebookBlog Editor’s Discussion: Self-Publication | Snopes.

While I was brainstorming what I wanted to write this piece about (my version of brainstorming looking very much like drinking coffee and reading on my Kindle), I had a strange thought, which bloomed into a veritable forest of queries. What, I wondered, did the process of self-publication entail? How has the e-book changed the game, both for publisher and authors? Is it possible for average authors to make a living this way? After a mild argument with myself, I switched to decaf and went to work researching. – See more at:

From Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee University Review (sponsored by Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia (24450) and published twice annually on the internet under the auspices of the Dean of the College, currently Suzanne Keen.)

Mayflies and Dragons Challenge Winners! | Writers CarnivalWriters Carnival

How exciting! I won First Place in the Writing Carnival Flash Fiction Contest!!

Mayflies and Dragons Challenge Winners! | Writers CarnivalWriters Carnival.

Writers Carnival
Mayflies and Dragons Challenge Winners!



First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s challenge.  There were a lot of great entries and it was a tough choice!  Nonetheless, a decision was made and the winners are as follows…


1st – Joey and the Dragon by Susan Tighman Hawthorne

2nd – Battle Masks by Olivia G. Owens 

3rd – Shimmer by TL

Also, we are sending an honourable mention out to… Dragon Heart by Rebecca Braun

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