Books by S. Tilghman Hawthorne

Bitter Prophecy

This is an introduction to a Fantasy series set in a world dominated by a religious group that calls themselves The Brotherhood. They rule with an iron fist, imprisoning – or worse! – anyone who opposes their rule.

Gef was an excellent shadow thief until he was arrested by The Brotherhood and put through their dungeon. They saw that having a shadow thief at their disposal could be very helpful and, with a little persuasion that left Gef a bit worse for wear and some threats against his closest friends whom he considered his only family, brought him into their employ.

Some years later, when they called him into their office with a new job, he learned he was to find and kidnap the Child of Prophecy. Though he had reservations, they offered to pay him well. An amount that he hoped would allow him and his friends the ability to escape this hell-hole and be free again.

Meanwhile, miles away across the sea in a town called Silar, Merrith lived with her protectors. She knew she had powers that others didn’t like. And she also knew those powers endangered Lady Barrow and her niece Farra, who were attempting to keep her safe. Other than the two of them, her only friend was a little grey mouse named Tiki. She saw, in her dreams, that the shadow thief came for her. The only question left was whether she could persuade him to help her instead of taking her to her death.

This tale of betrayal and adventure can be found at

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  1. Susan Hawthorne
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 15:54:06

    Yes do you see the cover doesn’t show?



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